Cultural Activities

I was a literature major in college.  I liked to go to see Shakespeare in the park and attend poetry readings at coffee shops.  But, I guess, at heart I’m more simplistic because those activities have been replaced by less cultured events. 

I suppose my marriage to Jeff (whose sarcasm knew no bounds at things like Shakespeare in the park), having children, and living in a small town all contribute to this, but I have to be honest and say that I’m really not that interested in those kind of things anymore.

Nowadays, any “cultural” activity revolves around the kids, and they are usually free!  We have a great library, which puts on some pretty neat events, like the annual Tea Party for young girls.  They are told the history of tea, they make a craft, and they eat chocolate covered cherries and other yummy desserts.

Last week the whole family went to a juggling show, featuring two former Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus clowns.  I thought Jacob was going to fall over from laughing so hard.  Can’t beat that kind of entertainment.

And who would choose poetry readings over a free brat lunch at our local bank?  Or the Halloween trick-or-treating and cupcake making events at Wal-Mart? 

Last night we took the kids to a free Dixieland style concert by the Riverwalk.  The music and the 100 old folks in the crowd provided my children with lots of culture.

Yep, it’s all good.

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