Hodag Country Festival

About 30 years ago, a farmer decided to stop farming and instead host an outdoor country music festival.  He scattered port-a-potties around his land, put up a few fences,  hired some country bands, and voila, he got himself a country music festival.

Actually, it’s become quite a big deal around here.  The four-day music concert in July draws about 30,000 people, and dozens of them line their campers up for a prime spot a month ahead of time. 

Did I mention that we live less than 1/4 mile, as the crow flies, from the festival grounds?  Or that the performances typically last until 1:oo am?

On the one hand, the traffic around here is atrocious, and very intoxicated people get more intoxicated. (One year I was spit upon.  Another year there was a stabbing.) But on the other hand, the tax revenue pays for a sweet fire station and well-plowed roads in the winter. 

Anyway, whether we like it or not, our town has been invaded by hundreds of campers, and we’re about to get a free four-day concert!  (For anyone interested, this Saturday is Hodag Hanky Day.)

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