Our next stop was lunch in the charming town of Aberfeldy.

(SCOTLAND FACT: Aber means at the beginning or the confluence of the river.)

As Russel drove the bus through town, we looked for a quaint Scottish place to eat and immediately decided to walk up the hill to the Moon and Sixpence where we ordered the afternoon tea.

FG was on a hunt for scones and out of all the scones we ate, this was the only place that served it with coddled cream. Delicious!

The thing that I’ll remember about our tea at the Moon and Sixpence however, has nothing to do with food – but with the friend we made.

We were sitting by the window and a dad and mom walked by with their four-year-old son. He had huge brown eyes, a happy smile and was wearing a great t-shirt.

When he saw us, he started waving and when I picked up the camera, his parents stopped so I could take his picture – just as I snapped it, he blew me a kiss.

Then the family came into the restaurant, so I had the opportunity to talk with him – at which point he became very shy – but later when I left, he yelled across everyone “Bye!”  He was super cute.

Suddenly the streets were filled with high school kids in uniforms. So, we started talking to a group of them who explained that they were in their last level at Breadalbane Academy and willingly posed for a picture – though I took it before they were completely ready.

Back at the car park, M. from New Jersey offered us all raspberries she had bought at a little grocery.

One thing I did notice about Scotland – they have organized garbage.

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