The Lord Reigns;

Let the earth rejoice;

Let the multitude of isles be glad. (Ps. 97:10)

As we crossed the Isle of Skye bridge – a rainbow stretched across the sky – I attempted to get a picture, but being that I was taking it through the bus window and the rain, you can’t see it in my photo – but we thought a rainbow was a great welcome!

Our hotel – The Mackinnon Country House was RIGHT there!  RM and I got the front, corner room which was not just kind of cool, but very cool. We had cross windows and the breeze blew through – Macleod tartan was on the beds.  We immediately opened the window and let the Isle of Skye fresh air fill our senses. We were truly away from the world.

OK – this was the one embarrassing moment of the trip (I’m confessing), but I made an honest mistake. Earlier in the day, Anne asked us to choose what we wanted for dinner. We had the choice of a couple entrees and we were to put down the first letter of the dish. The clipboard came to me as I was in the bus aisle waiting to get out for another stop, so I didn’t have time to check everything carefully. But from the first moment she had listed the entrees, I knew I wanted lemon sole, so I quickly put down “L” and didn’t think any more about it. But once we got to supper, I discovered that “L” stood for lamb and so I messed everything up – though it turned out ok, because someone else wanted the lamb. Everyone knew I made the mistake and I felt silly.  Though I felt a little better later when a lady later told me that as soon as she saw what happened, she said to the others at her table, “I can understand exactly what she did – she wrote down ‘L’ for lemon instead of lamb.”  I hoped others understood, too.  I still don’t know what I was supposed to put down for “lemon.”

The meal was delicious and we were entertained by Alex McPhee who played several different instruments and talked a lot in between songs. When you could understand him, he was very funny.

Afterwards, as we were walking down the hallway, one of the servers handed me an envelope. (A detention for writing down an L for lemon?)  But when I opened it, I found an e-mail to the inn’s owner – from my wonderful daughter – asking him to deliver a message to me.  My daughter, knowing I was concerned about the job situation, did some sleuthing and was able to tell me the basics of what was going on – and immediately eased my mind. Bless her heart.

So moving on …

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