We traveled south on the Trotternish Penninsula back to Kyleakin.

(SCOTLAND FACT: The Sea of the Hebrides is the part of the north Atlantic Ocean which is located off of western Scotland, separating mainland Scotland from the Inner Hebrides.)

(SCOTLAND FACT: The Minch is a strait separating northwest Scotland and the northern Inner Hebrides. The Minch flows into the Sea of the Hebrides.)

(SCOTLAND FACT – Hand fasting was when couples would live together for a year to see if it worked or if the women was capable of producing an heir. Even though this practice was discouraged way back in the 1700s, some were still practicing it until 1939.)

(SCOTLAND FACT – One thing surprising about Scotland – there are palm trees because of the temperate weather – the most common is the New Zealand Cabbage Palm)

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