The day continued blurred in Highland mist as we headed toward Fort William.

This, the largest town in the Highlands, is considered the outdoor center of Scotland because of its proximity to Ben Nevis and other Munros, plus the lochs and gateway to many of the Hebrides. We didn’t do any climbing, sailing or hiking, but were dropped off at one end of High Street – to walk to the other end and have lunch in the middle.

High Street has been pedestrianized and included many shops you’d see in any city street such as a beauty salon, a bike shop, post office, toy store etc.  As we wandered along, we looked for an interesting place to eat.

We chose the Grog and Gruel as did a few other tour members so “Jack” offered to take our picture.

(TOUR FACT: We had 21 women and seven men on this tour – three of them were named Jack.)

I had a BLT (very good) and bread pudding (very good).

Then we wandered back up High Street to the other end where the bus picked us up.

Fort William has a large aluminum plant employing many people.

(SCOTLAND FACT: In Scotland the do not say aluminum as we do. They say AL LA MINIUM – as in sounding like condominum.)

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