Unfortunately, I do not have many pictures of our bus ride across Mull. The bus driver (not Russel, but a Mull bus driver) was friendly and entertaining and we actually passed his house as we drove down the narrow road. Outside, however, the weather was still drizzly and cloudy and that, plus attempting to take pictures through a rain-splashed window on a moving bus does not make for clear pictures.

The ride, however, was enjoyable – well, almost enjoyable.

Picture this.  Look up Mull on a map and see how it’s stuck out there to the side of Scotland – I mean if there was ever a place far off the beaten track – it is Mull.  And would you believe we got stopped by road construction. When I consider all the manuevering I have to do to go around construction to get to work – and here I am on vacation on a remote island – and traffic stops because of construction.

We literally came to a stand still for about 20 minutes.

But as I said to Anne (the guide), “How many people can say they’ve been stuck in traffic on Mull?”

The bus driver just shook his head, wondering why they were stopping traffic at that time of day. Tourism was part of their income and people were heading across the island to get to the next ferry.

“Will this be a problem coming back?” someone asked. (We had already been told if we didn’t make the 4:00 ferry going back to Oban, we’d be stuck.)

The driver just laughed. “No, the construction workers have to catch the ferry, too. They’ll be done.”

Well, we did make the ferry and I wished I had better pictures, but alas ..  (I do think it here that I was attempting to take a picture of the sea lion we saw.”

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