We arrived back in Edinburgh late in the afternoon – and settled in at our original hotel.  Then we headed out to the The New Bell Restaurant (not to be confused with The Old Bell which is right below the New Bell.)  We enjoyed another delicious meal and then exchanged our tacky gifts.

The tacky gifts were something that Anne told us about the very first day – we were to find a 2 pound (as in money pound, not in weight – but I don’t have the pound symbol on my keyboard) tacky gift for our buddy.   We each had to then get up and present it in front of everyone.

I got RG a hairy coo bookmark and wrote a tacky poem about him checking to make sure I was on the bus and about him standing on his head all the time. Which he didn’t. He stood on his hands at all major stops – not his head, but hand didn’t rhyme with instead and I needed something that rhymed with instead.

Anyhow, he got me an “original picture of my family castle,” which I promised him I would hang in a prominent place on my wall when I arrived home.

So, I took down my treasured Ansel Adams print of Half Dome (which we actually bought at Yosemite) and put up the family castle – at least for the 30 seconds it took to shoot the picture.  (Notice the decorative water stains around the edges. They add a particularly elegant touch.)

But I think I got the better part of the deal – because imagine actually going into an “antique/second hand” store and paying money for this?  What do you think those clerks thought of the silly Americans?  Hmmm … talk about tacky!   🙂 Ha! Ha! Cute gift.

Anyhow Me and The Other Three, got up VERY early the next morning and took a cab to the airport. G. from Boston went with us since she was on the same plane to Dublin. We had a layover in Dublin where we actually checked into the States. (Interestingly, you go through the passport process, etc. in a special section of the Dublin airport that says “Welcome to the United States”  – and don’t have to go through anything back in the States.)  Our flight was smooth and on time (in fact, a little bit early).

I walked out of the baggage area and heard a voice call “Grandma!”

Once again, we were home.

The whole family had come to the airport and brought with them a large GLASS OF ICED TEA! We stopped at McDonald’s for supper and “debriefing” and then it was back to real life. 😦


  1. Thanks! I’m glad I took the time to get it all down, because I don’t want to forget any of it.

  2. Oh, yes – I think we’ve learned this about traveling to that part of Europe – always meet the person at the airport with iced tea. K. had iced tea withdrawal in Ireland last year, so she warned me!

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