Most anyone who lives in the Midwest woke up this morning with an instant smile – what a glorious day. I immediately opened all the windows to get fresh air blowing through the closed-up, air-conditioned house. I checked the computer and saw a lot of in-the-area-friends also commenting about the weather.

And then I saw something else, something that happened earlier in the week, but for some reason the event was repeated on my home page as BREAKING NEWS.  A well-known “smart” physicist had now done enough research to declare that the world has no need of God and the creation of the world can now definitely be explained without putting God into the mix.

Declaring there is no God is NOT BREAKING NEWS.  It’s not even news – because GOD IS.  (That’s like saying that the breaking news is a teacher who took her class on a field trip to space – but it’s not news if it didn’t really happen, no matter what the teacher said. Can you imagine if all our breaking news were things that weren’t really true?)  And yes, I’m sure that the BREAKING NEWS here is that the smart physicist said it.

I’m wondering what would happen if the smart physicist went to an art gallery and immediately focused on one absolutely, breathtaking painting.  He asks the gallery owner who painted it, but the owner just shrugs, “No one. It just happened.”  I wonder if the physicist would nod and take him at his word.  I’m guessing he’d be too smart to believe that the painting just appeared.

Yet, he can look at life – like this beautiful day – and say “it just happened.”

The Bible actually talks about people who talk like this.

Psalm 14:1 – The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” (Don’t get angry with me. God Himself, said it.)

So I’m thinking the smart physicist isn’t really so smart after all.

Just saying.

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