So we headed north and managed to reach Glacier in the daylight – though it was misty and rainy. (I would like to state right here, that I explained all this to the doctor and she said it would not have been the rainy (but fresh) air at Glacier that made whatever I was catching hit me like a ton of cement – but rather the stale, closed-up airplane air that did me in – that my resistance would’ve been low and some germ settling in the dead air of the plane took the opportunity to attack.)

We only made it to Logan Pass before the night began to settle in and we headed back down again, but we stopped for a lot of good photo ops – which, although it would’ve been cool to see the tops of the mountains, was fascinating in itself – to actually be in the clouds.

As we reached the area of Avalanche Creek, the MMs pulled over and cooked us a delightful meal of salmon cakes, beans and salad which tasted all the better in the darkness and rain with the gurgling of the creek behind us and the grizzlies roaning in the woods around us (ok, we didn’t SEE any grizzlies, but we couldn’t see ANYTHING, so whose to say they weren’t there?)

The rangers came to check us out, but decided the food smelled good (they were invited for supper) and we didn’t look all that threatening, so they let us stay.

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