This weekend I was invited to speak at the Ladies Retreat for Village Church of Bartlett.

The retreat was held in a small town west of here at a training center.

We met on Friday night for supper and the first meeting. Music was done by two very sweet, talented Moody students.  We also had sessions on Saturday morning, last night and this morning.

The funniest thing was the fire trucks. I had just talked about all those pesky problems, the little annoyances that happen in everyday life. We did a closing song, blew out the decorative candles and the fire alarm shook the building – the kind that connects to the fire department.  I was actually leaving and a train going through town had traffic backed up for blocks. As I was waiting for the train to go through, I saw firetrucks working their way through the stopped cars.  What a mess!  All because of smoke from a blown-out candle. Talk about pesky annoyances.

Anyhow, after the retreat was over today, I headed home, knowing I would need some lunch before I vegged and that my family would be at church.

I didn’t want to do fast food and didn’t feel like stopping at the grocery store, so finally decided to stop at Chilly’s (spelled wrong on purpose) and get sirloin take out (which I like). The manager himself waited on me and asked if I wanted something to drink. First I said no because I was heading home, but then realizing I would have to wait for my food, I said “Actually you could get me a coke because I’ve been speaking all morning and need something on my throat.”

He asked where I was speaking and when I told him a Ladies Retreat, he asked if it was for a church and I said, “yes.”  So then he told me about the missions trip his kids were going on.

He needed my name because it was take out. I heard him go back in the kitchen and say, “Get this sirloin ready for Linda. She needs to get home and rest her throat.” (I did not tell him that.)

Every few minutes as he was walking through the kitchen, I would hear him say, “Hey, how’s Linda’s sirloin coming?”

It was kind of cool to have him look out for me and a good end for the weekend.

And the steak was very good.

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