So, yesterday morning I heard a noise on my roof.  Not unusual. I went outside and looked on the roof and didn’t see anything. I figured it was a squirrel running up and down the gutter and didn’t think any more about it.

Yesterday afternoon, the 11yo and I headed to downtown Wheaton. We had tickets for a presentation of Little Women at the Wheaton Drama Playhouse and needed to eat lunch. The weather wasn’t too cold, but the wind was blowing. I headed to one restaurant I had been to before, but they were full (and reservations stretched to closing time). Another restaurant was closed.

But then I saw The Ivy and so we decided to try it. Very cool – it’s in an old chapel (I heard maybe a funeral home – but looked more like a church with stained glassed windows and a balcony.) Christmas lights hung from the railings giving the place a majestic look. The restaurant was rather fancy and expensive, but not overly expensive. The 11yo (who proudly noticed she could NOT order off the kids’ menu because she was no longer 10) had French toast with fresh strawberries. I had the beef tenderloin and poached eggs.  The rolls that came with the Sunday brunch were blueberry scones.

So, good place.

The play was great too.

Anyhow, came home. Went to bed.

This morning I was wakened by the same annoying noise on my roof. I went outside again, looked up and this time saw a squirrel. I walked around to the side of the house and could not believe my eyes!

That squirrel had literally chewed a hole into my house and chewed and scraped off a ton of paint in the process!

What a mess!

The hole was too high for us to do anything about without help.

But we did call someone to fix it and tonight it is temporarily sealed and waiting for permanent sealing.  The fix-it guy said this is actually very common this time of year.

So beware!

2 thoughts on “EXCUSE ME, THIS IS MY HOUSE!”

  1. good thing you caught it early! we had them do that in our house and ended up having the ceiling in our bathroom cave in and had to have that, the side wall, and the roof repaired and cost a lot of money. hope it is a quick, easy and cheap fix for you!

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