Our Christmas then took an unexpected turn.

More family showed up (but other family members spent the day in the emergency room – giving the day a subtle, but tangible cloud as we waited for word of what was happening. At this point, all is well – so no need to go into the details.)

So, as we waited – some took the time to play, some to check their texts, some sat by the fire …





So today was my last day of work this year. I could’ve spent it finishing off a couple small projects that didn’t take much thought, but decided to tackle the writing of a lesson that I knew would be semi-difficult. I got up at six and focused ALL day and did not even play with the iPad (except to add a Nave’s Topical Bible app).

I finished at 4:00 and sent the lesson to my work e-mail, feeling good that I had tackled it.

Then went off to share a cinnamon roll and hot chocolate with a friend. The roll was kind of yucky, but the fellowship was great!

By this time it was after 7:00, but I decided I wouldn’t go home until my Christmas shopping was absolutely, completely done and I finally finished after nine. So, if I don’t have it by now, you’re not getting it.

Tired, but feel as if I accomplished a lot today.