Yesterday we took our annual trek to Chicago – S and K, their munchkins and me.

We drove to Moody since S had some work to do and the rest of us walked down to Water Tower place  for our first stop – American Girl (a part of the tradition).  So much stuff. So many dolls. So many outfits and accessories with dozens of little pieces.

A very technical survey shows that 66% of the munchkins actually enjoyed the visit.

33% did not.

He did get to choose something from the American Girl bakery counter, however, so that made things a little more pleasant.

But soon we were off to the John Hancock building. Although I had been up in the Hancock before, it’s been awhile because now everyone goes to the building previously known as the Sears Tower.

The lobby of the Hancock had a cool train set up.

Not too many people were in the observation area – again, I think it’s because everyone is across the city at the Willis, but actually, I liked the Hancock. You’re right in the middle of the skyscrapers and can see down Michigan Avenue and out onto the lake.

You can also see the Water tower.

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