No. No new car. Not yet. Still weighing it all, but haven’t gotten to the point where I want to actually do it.

I have read/listened to some interesting books lately.

29. Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman. Mary Beth wrote this book to detail life in the Chapman family (as in Steven Curtis Chapman). She talks about adopting their three daughters and then the tragic loss of Maria when she was hit by a van in the driveway of the family home. Mary Beth is honest about what they’ve been through – not only a child’s loss, but the guilt of the child’s young sister who told Maria to go get Will (the teenage brother driving the van). Also, relates Will’s struggle as the one driving the van (the accident was just that – an accident. He couldn’t see his younger sister.)  Good book if you’re facing a particularly tough situation, if you’re interested in adoption or if you simply want a thought-provoking read.

30. I Beat the Odds by Michael Oher (with Don Yaeger).  This is the story of Michael – the central focus of the movie, The Blind Side. Here Michael tells things from his point of view. Quick read and interesting. No, there were not any monumental discrepancies in the movie or bubbles that this book will burst. But Michael had made the choice to do well in sports, to choose good friends and to stay out of trouble before moving in with the Touhys. If you liked the movie, you can read this book in an hour or two for the rest of the story.

31. The Appeal by John Grisham.  This book is sad. Not sad, like wiping the tears from your eyes sad, but sad in the sense that you know these things are really happening and sometimes life is unfair.  The book gives a perspective of politics, big business, etc. You may agree with it. You may not. But it was worth the several trips to work and back that it took me to listen.  Grisham on CD is good commuter stuff. Disclaimer:Grisham’s books always include some bad language.

Currently I am reading the Imam’s Daughter and listening to President Bush’s Decision Points. Both thought-provoking.

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