So, my mom and I went out to lunch and ordered steak and vegetable skewers. Both of us have doctors who have told us we need occasional red meat because of the iron.

As we waited for our food, we had a general discussion about healthy foods – nothing intense. Just how often the preventative care for many health conditions seems to be eating lots of fruit and vegetables.  Mom did say something about vitamins. Her words were along the line of, “Once someone gave your dad some supplemental vitamins because the man worked at the company.”  That was all.

The restaurant had a buffet and the man in the booth behind us got up to walk over to the food. The wife got up and walked toward us. She was nicely dressed as if she had just been to church, so when she smiled and said, “Hi,” I thought maybe it was someone I had met at church, so I said “hi” back.

“I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation about wanting vitamin supplements,” she began. (Did we say that? I am sure we didn’t.) “The best thing going is ……………..  You can go to their Web site at …………………….” (Truly, did we ask for this information?)  “They have a multi-vitamin supplement that you take twice a day. You just take the powder and mix it with water and …”

I interrupted. “Actually,” I said, “we were talking how both of us have doctors that have told us NOT to take vitamin supplements because if you eat right they aren’t needed.”

“Oh really,” she said. “That surprises me.”

“Really,” said my mom, but it didn’t matter what my mom said because the lady was totally focused on me and rudely ignoring my mother.

“Well, then you have to be really careful about what you eat.  My husband and I only eat buffalo meat.”  (Seriously, did we care? Did we ask for this perspective on her life?)

Thankfully the server came up with our food right then.

“Excuse me,” I said firmly, “the server is trying to GIVE US OUR STEAKS!”

I’ve had people talk to me before while at a restaurant, and I haven’t minded at all. I’ve even been known to talk to other people. I like to meet new people, but this lady was downright rude.  I’m guessing that whatever those vitamin supplements were she wanted us to buy – SHE was selling them.

Finally, her husband came back with his food and she went back to her seat. I heard her whispering to him – probably about the crazy women with the crazy doctors.

So be it.

The steak was good and so were the vegetables.


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