This weekend was our annual Purim Celebration for the ladies of our family.

Alicia, my “other” niece also took part this year and told us about growing

The almost 9yo listens intently to one of the bios.

up in a Messianic Jewish church and some of the traditions she took part in for Purim. Very cool.

This year we had biographies prepared from everyone – from the first grader to my mom who is 89 – so it’s a great multi-generational event.

As I’ve explained before – we all write a bio about a lady who was/is a “bold, brave, beautiful woman who trusts/trusted God and does what is right.”

This year our women included –

And every once in a while the "boy" would run in to find out when dessert was served.

Bethany Hamilton

Betty Stam

Joy Ridderhof

Gracia Burnham

Anne Graham Lotz

Mrs. Clark (the 7yo’s first grade teacher)

Margaret Wheeler

Carol Johnson

We actually have a “sister” group in Nigeria who also do this.

Others have asked me lots of questions about Purim because they would like to start their own Purim celebration. If you’d like to

Some of our readers.

know more, I’d be willing to explain in detail.

This was also the weekend of Melinda’s Bridal Shower. Good to see old friends and to celebrate Melinda. (I had the privilege of listening to EVERY SINGLE ONE of Melinda’s JV sections and at least the first two years of her Journey sections.)


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