Well, we found the elusive Jane Eyre – the movie several people have mentioned that they wanted to see, but couldn’t find a theater where it was actually showing.

The central theme was the character of Jane. She lived above her wretched past. She stayed true to herself. She couldn’t be talked into doing something she knew was wrong.

The theater was packed – people even in the front row.  Several around us did not know the story. The two ladies behind us kept up a constant chat about what would happen next but anyone who had read the book (or seen the other movie versions) would knew they were annoyingly clueless.

But my favorite quote of the day was not from the movie – but from the person sitting next to me.

“Oh, good. I’m glad she went back to Mr. Rochester. I was so afraid she would settle for the preacher.”

I almost turned to her and said, “Hey, I settled for the preacher and it was a good settling.”

But alas … I didn’t.

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