The great thing about going “up north (besides seeing my family, of course) is that you’re THERE. You are automatically IN vacation land, so you don’t have to go any farther to get THERE.

Alas, you have a variety of energetic options without even leaving home (well, the family’s home that is).

Though I can just hear you say, “But I don’t see YOU in any of the pictures.”

Well, no, but I did WALK and I WAS taking pictures..

And I did play ball with the munchkins.

In fact, I received one of my all-time favorite compliments.  Jeff and the 8yo were playing ball and Jeff told him he should ask me to play. The 8yo seemed a little wary about asking his grandmother to play ball, but agreed to pitch to me.

And I hit a few.

Watching from the kitchen window, the 11yo told her mom, “Wow! I didn’t know grandmothers could bat.”

Seriously, what better compliment is there than that????

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