Once upon a time – April 20, 1934 to be exact. John Dillinger and his cohorts (including Baby Face Nelson) headed north to hide out at Little Bohemia Lodge in Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin. They told the owners that they had come in peace and only wanted a safe place to retreat. But wherever the owners went, one of John Dillinger’s men followed them.

However, the owner’s wife and her brother managed to get to the post office and mail a letter to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Chicago. The men there contacted the FBI. Two days later, a bunch of agents showed up. Dogs barked, but the Dillinger guys didn’t notice since the dogs were always barking.

But then the FBI shot at three innocent bystanders who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and John Dillinger and his men were tipped off. Suddenly a massive shoot out broke out.

And unbelievably Dillinger’s men all escaped (though an agent was shot).

A few years back, Little Bohemia once again was in the news when a scene with Johnny Depp was shot (no pun intended) there for the movie Public Enemies.

Seventy-seven years later, a young boy turned eight.

When asked where he wanted to go for lunch, he answered, “Somewhere where we’ve never been before.”

And so we decided to go to Little Bohemia.

My impressions?

The food was good.

The place was interesting.

The $5.00 each to go upstairs and see the rooms was overpriced. They could do more with it. So, I’m glad we went up, but I wouldn’t do it again – though I would eat there again.

The 8yo was duly impressed.

2 thoughts on “SHOOT-OUT”

  1. I enjoyed that place a lot. Our waitress was great. The food was good. And we were the only customers in the whole building so we got to go upstairs for free and unguided. The Hollywood makeover upstairs was definitely overkill though.

  2. I guess next time we’ll have to go when no one is around 🙂 Actually it was fairly busy – we went there after church on Memorial Day so that probably explains why. Afterwards, Jeff and I talked about what we would’ve done if we owned it – have a gangster dressed up, telling the story?

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