WHERE: Jelly Belly, Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin


WHY GO THERE? You get to ride around the warehouse on a train and hear about the making of many Jelly Bellies. You cannot get off the train. You do not see any actual Jelly Bellies being made except for the video stations which show you videos (that I’ve heard have actually been on the Food Channel.)

WHAT WAS THE BEST PART? The pictures made of Jelly Bellies were cool – everything from Ronald Reagan, Elvis and the Art Institute. (I couldn’t get pictures because you couldn’t take pictures once the train started.) The Jelly Bellies looked like mosaics. Oh, and you get a free bag of Jelly Bellies as you leave.

They also have a Jelly Belly bar in the store. You have to ask a clerk to get you the kind you like – so it’s one at a time. Of course,  Jelly Bellies also come in  some strange flavors: barf, moldy cheese, baby wipes, skunk spray, etc.

WAS THE TRIP WORTH IT? This was the 9yos birthday trip and yes, it was fun for her. If I were driving by I might stop and visit the store, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to go there with other adults. Though my mom told me the bus went up from her retirement center a few weeks ago.

So, it was sort of kitschy fun and it was especially fun with the munchkin.

If you’re in the area stop, but don’t go too far out of your way to get there.


2 thoughts on “KID TRIP”

  1. Yes, it was rather inane – it would’ve been cool to actually see them being made. But from a 9yo’s eyes it was fun.

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