My dad was fairly well known in the Christian world: he pastored a large church, he wrote more than 40 books, he had a radio program, etc.

But here are some things you might not know about my dad – even though you might have known my dad.

1. When he told people he was quitting his job at the lumberyard and entering Bible school – they laughed and said he would never make it as a pastor.

2. He was athletic, but because of bad eyesight, was not able to compete.

3. When he was a little kid he won a reading contest. He attended a special award ceremony at Princeton University.  He also won a little money which he spent on Bit-O-Honey. In fact, he ate so much candy, he got sick and never ate Bit-O-Honey again.

4. He did not like math and like all the rest of our family (three generations and counting) he especially did not like algebra.

5. His father (who was an alcoholic and put the dysfunctional in their family) trained horses.

6. His mother (who put the functional in their family) worked at Essex County Airport – the same airport where John Kennedy Jr. departed on the day of his crash.  (But of course, she didn’t work there then.)

7. He was honored with the Pastor of the Year Award from GCSA.

8. He was Moody’s Alumnus of the year in 1979.

9. He won awards for his homing pigeons including the New Jersey Homing Pigeon Concourse Association Winner for a 150 mile route.

10. He went “through” hobbies. I especially remember the African violet era and the tropical fish era.

Oh, and he doesn’t really have fuzzy hair – the whiteness from the picture’s background kind of makes it look that way.

2 thoughts on “TEN THINGS ABOUT MY DAD”

  1. My father-in-law raced pigeons too! He had a loft in the backyard. They provided him with object lessons for his church’s Awana club.

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