Take a day when the sky is bluer than blue (sky blue, that is) and the river/lake is bluer than blue since it is reflecting the bluer than blue sky and what do you do?

You get on a boat.

We took the Huron Lady Boat Trip which goes south down the St. Clair River (part of the St. Lawrence Seaway) and then north again past the starting point, under the Blue Water Bridge and out into Lake Huron. The price is fairly inexpensive (about $16.00) and the ride fairly long (2 hours).

However, the ride doesn’t begin auspiciously – because on the Canadian side you pass an area known as Chemical Valley which certainly is a clue you aren’t on the scenic route.  Forty percent of Canada’s chemical plants were in the valley and something like 50% of the country’s petroleum refineries were there, too, but in recent years many of the industries have cleaned up their acts – still not necessary a scenic lake view.

But most of the boat trip was pretty with many huge ships either going by (in their slow, cargo-heavy way) or pleasure boats speeding along three times as fast.  We sailed under the Blue Water Bridge which was backed up with traffic attempting to get to Canada and pass the Gratiot Lighthouse  which is at the meeting point of Lake Huron and the river. We also saw the government building with homeland security cameras on top because a good swimmer WOULD be able to get across the river to Canada.

Oh, and we saw some Canadian Canada geese.

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