AMC #1

After spending the night in North Pole, we headed to Denali Bible Chapel in Fairbanks the next morning for the AMC.

So on Friday I had a lot of firsts –  first time to Alaska, first time eating halibut stew, first time seeing Mount McKinley (very cool, I saw the peak above the clouds as we landed in Anchorage – but it was too cloudy to see it once on the ground).

On Saturday I had another first – FIRST TIME SEEING A MOOSE AND TWO CALVES on the way to a conference

Incidentally, Mount McKinley is also called (and preferably called) Denali or “The High One.”

Anyhow, I met a lot of great people at the conference, many who had moved there from other places – literally from around the world for their jobs such as those at Eielson Air Force Base. One lady I met (another discussion on salmon fishing) had recently moved with her family from Abu Dhabi.  She said Fairbanks was opposite in absolutely EVERY way. I can believe that.

After the conference we cleaned up and went out to eat and then headed for the airport to fly back to Anchorage – which was 10:20 their time and 1:20 in the morning my time. Being that I had basically been on a plane or teaching workshops for the past 30 hours – I was a little giddy.

Somehow the “no snow globes” security sign made me laugh and then everyone started laughing about it. I wanted to get my camera out, but it was buried too deep. (However, as a memory of the midnight plane ride, I was given a snow globe with a moose in it later in the week.)

We arrived back in Anchorage about 3:00 a.m. and once again I fell into bed.


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