(By the way, my reason I write so much detail and add so many pictures is to remember everything myself. We used to do massive 3-ring binders about our trips – now I blog.)

Anyhow, I was almost back to Anchorage and decided to stop at Potter’s Marsh, a bird and wildlife sanctuary at the end of the Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge. G. had told me you could see a lot of birds here and you could – however, I was there at the wrong time of day: mid afternoon.  I did see some trumpeter swans and some mallards and another duck that I think might’ve been a merganser.  Did not seen any moose or bear.

A board walk stretches 1,55o feet across the marsh and on that afternoon, it was a pleasant walk.

Notice all the houses on the hill – wouldn’t that be a scenic place to live?

Interestingly, this day spent out of town was the FIRST day that I didn’t see a moose.

(By the way, it was while I was walking along the boardwalk that I got the idea for the lead story in the next issue of KidsPrint.)

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