Funny that I had seen moose the first three days in Alaska, but the two days I was actually out in “the wild,” I didn’t.

The next day I stuck around town again – I had driven down the south road out of town and and had also been on the one road north, so decided to explore locally.

As I was heading toward town on a very busy four-lane Anchorage highway – sure enough – there was a moose – casually walking across the road and stopping traffic. I had my camera, but since I was driving, it was difficult to get a picture.

I headed to Wildberry – which is where they cover all things berry-like in chocolate (and also apricots and some other things, too.) Any of you who sampled the candy I brought home – this is where it came from.

They are also known for having the world’s largest chocolate fountain – with warnings not to taste the chocolate. I didn’t.

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