Pebble Beach is known for its ritzy homes.

Pebble Beach is known for its golf courses.

Pebble Beach is known as the location for the “lone cypress tree” which is a symbol of California.

Pebble Beach is known for its 17-Mile Drive which is advertised as one of the most scenic drives in America.

One problem. To drive on their 17-Mile Scenic Drive with the ritzy homes, golf courses and “lone cypress tree,” one must pay $9.50.  So we debated. The night before we sat in our hotel room and read all the Trip Advisor recommendations. Many said that if you were driving down the Pacific Highway anyway, no reason to spend $9.50 on the 17-Mile Drive. The rest of the highway was also beautiful … and free. But others said to spend the money.

We came to this conclusion. Two of us  splitting the money in half meant $4.75. We should do it. Once.

True, the rest of the highway is beautiful, but Pebble Beach has a beauty all its own with the rocky coast line and the ghostly cypress trees – very different from the rest of the coast. Although some of the always-present marine layer was present – mostly the sky was still beautifully blue and the scenery was breathtaking.  Worth the money? Well, it would’ve been nicer NOT to pay, but since we HAD to pay, the price was worth it.

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