Once again, Don, from the kindness of his heart, bought tickets to the Lorie Line Christmas Extravaganza for several people and once again, it was a lot of fun.

Lorie, based out of Minnesota, does these Christmas concerts each year, traveling to about 40 cities during the months of November and December. This concert, in St. Charles, was her second for 2011. She was then heading to Green Bay the next night. She also does books of piano arrangements which K. has always enjoyed.

One of the highlights of her concerts is when they ask the kids – ages 5-15 – to come up on stage and take part in one of the songs.  This year, the kid song provided some very funny laughs, especially from the 15yos that we personally know who, let’s just say, weren’t real excited about being on stage with a bunch of little kids – but they were good sports.

The other funny moment? When he asked the youngest “personal” boy “What’s your favorite football team?” and he answered “The Cubs!” (Maybe that’s the Cubs’ problem – they’re actually a football team.)

Anyhow, great fun.  Thanks, Don.

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