Last night I returned from an interesting trip to Orlando – with a lot of firsts.

TUESDAY morning I headed to work, where I parked my car and got in one of two stretch limos – 13 people heading for the CPC (Children’s /Pastors Ministry Conference) at Coronado Springs, Orlando. That part wasn’t new – I’ve been to two other CPC conferences at that location.

Once there, I learned that flying with Southwest means getting your boarding pass at least 24 hours early – or paying $10.00 earlier than that – not something I’ve had to do before – so I was last person boarding and being that you can choose your seats – that meant back of the plane/middle seat.  Being that I was traveling with 13 people, I fortunately knew the people on either side of me – one of them being my brother – so sitting in the middle wasn’t all that painful 🙂

We arrived in sunny  (77 degrees) Florida, got into our rooms at the Hampton Inn and after a time to get organized, headed out for supper at Chevys. Chevys doesn’t sound like the name of a Mexican restaurant (sounds like a steak place), but it is. I thought I was going to a place indigenous and unique, which it was to me (the unique part), but actually I’ve heard there is one within ten miles of work – but oh, well.

A few of my co-workers ...

I had beef-filled enchiladas, rice, black beans and some kind of corn fritter which was sweet and delicious.

Afterwards my brother and I decided to walk back to the hotel (about a mile) which was refreshing after being cooped up in an airport and plane for most of the day.

For the first time in a long time – I slept for 10 hours.

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