Actually both these books are about making friends – but are very different from one another.

1. MWF seeking BBF – is a true account of a young woman’s search for friends after she moved to Chicago. She was married and had family there, but no “best friends.” (She does not consider her husband a best friend.) After awhile, the book got kind of weighed down in sameness – but it had an interesting premise – she seeks to do something with a new person each week for 52 weeks and she makes it! She meets friends of people she knows, gets together with store clerks, joins clubs, etc. Her conclusion: Most people are willing to be your friend, but you have to do the initial asking to get someone to go somewhere.

2. Behind the Veils of Yemen is a very different story. A young couple and their three children move to Yemen to befriend the people and tell them about Christ. The book gives an excellent picture of what it’s like inside the villages and homes of the people. The book is written by the wife and how she makes friends with other women. Thought-provoking.

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