1. This morning on the way to an offsite, I stopped to get gas – a reasonable thing to do since I was down to the “E.” But not so reasonable when the gas dropped out one drop at a time. After 15 minutes and a half full tank – I decided to call it quits and left – and was late to the meeting.

2. Then, wanting to be proactive about my winter coats – I took them to the cleaners to get them all nice and undog-haired and pressed so that I could put them safely in my closet until next winter.

Now, let me say right here that I understand about our house and dog hair. This dog is partly Great Pyrenees, a dog known for its shedding and let’s just say that this dog has that shedding part down well. You just walk through the house and you come out with white fur stuck to you. However, he is otherwise a great dog, so we put up with the shedding part.

But the shedding part IS why I’ve had my black wool pea coat cleaned five times this winter. I’ve been taking it to a cleaners on the way to work, a cleaners run by a very nice lady who I am now on a first-name basis with. The cleaner is cheap, but I don’t think they do quite the thorough job as the cleaners close to home – so for my last cleaning of the year, I decided to take it to the closer and more expensive cleaner.

When I went to pick it up today, I was lectured by the clerk because the coat had dog hair on it!

Hello! That’s why I bring it to you. I don’t get grease or tar or mud on my clothes – I get dog hair – especially on black, wool coats. No matter how much I explained, she remained disgusted with me. I remained calm – because she always has WMBI on in the background and I had already explained that my son-in-law was playing his guitar on the station tonight – so I didn’t want to get angry.

But really? A cleaners who complains because your coat isn’t clean enough?

3. While I was still reeling from that – a police showed up at the door saying someone in the house had called 911. Being that no one was actually IN the house when the call was made – and that both phones have been unplugged in lieu of cellphones – this was all a little strange. But he did go through and check everything (which I appreciated), though I think the shedding-dog would’ve made it known if someone was here, using the phone.

Just a strange day.

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