The day we went to Paul Bunyans started out beautiful and exploded into one of those days you wish you could bottle and pull out in small doses on cloudy, hot days. But alas …

We headed out to a different disc golf course, but they hadn’t yet opened it for the season so we went to Plan B – walking along the Bearskin-Hiawatha Trail out of Minocqua. Although we only walked a mile or so, the Bearskin part of the trail actually goes for 18 miles and through four towns.

The trail was originally a track of the Hiawatha Railroad which brought timber from the Northwoods to Chicago. The trail covers an area the size of Rhode Island.

We hadn’t walked very far before we saw an historical marker that we were passing the home of Dr. Pink. Except Dr. Pink’s house burned down and now there was another Dr. Pink house. The person who wrote the copy didn’t seem to know Dr. Pink’s first name so I found it difficult to discover more about him except that he was one of the first people to move to Minocqua and he lived on Dr. Pink Drive – which was serendipitous – though true serendipity would’ve been if he lived in a pink house.

Just a great day.

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