Right next to the Ellwood House Visitor’s Center is the Little House.  Originally constructed by area carpenters as a float in an 1890s parade, this tiny home is in the Stick Style of American architecture.  Two young Ellwood girls were fascinated by the miniature home, so their father bought it for them. After several years the home was sold/given to other families – but the last owner donated it back to the estate.

The two little girls liked the house so Daddy bought it for them and completely furnished it down to miniature tea sets.

Miniature tea set at the dining room table
Miniature dresser
Even more miniature tea set at the bedside table.

This picture from the big house gives you a good perspective on the size. You can also rent out a room in the visitor’s center for children’s birthday parties – which include the Little House which I think would be all very cool to a little girl.

4 thoughts on “THE LITTLE HOUSE”

  1. I grew up right around the corner and spent a whole lot of time playing in and around the Little House. Thanks for the interior pictures! Any idea why it is partially painted green? It was red and white when I was little (80s), to match the house. I’ve been back since it was painted yellow, but haven’t seen this green yet.

  2. Yes – I actually know why it’s green. I can’t remember the exact details, but every year the children of Dekalb get to choose what color it is painted – so different sides of the house are different colors. (Don’t know if I am exactly right on that – but I am close – I was putting something in my car when the tour guide was talking about it.)

    1. I’ve lived in the area for 17 years, and all four walls of the house have been painted that yellow for at least that long. I had my senior pictures taken in front of the house and it was all one color. Unless the “children of Dekalb choosing the color” is a new tradition that just started this year, the tour guide was making that up.

  3. Jordan, thanks for your comment. The house was a myriad of colors when we went there – so many different colors that we noticed it before the tour guide said anything.

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