We spread out our chairs, surrounded by other family groups – some calmly sitting and waiting – others restlessly walking around in the fading light.

Behind us, the full moon shimmered in orange iridescence – a contrast to the man-made lights shooting up among the trees.

About 40 feet in front of us, a group gathered, intent on scaring everyone and setting the dry grass on fire.  They had an unlimited cache of rockets, fountains, warheads and a variety of other “annoy-everyone-around-us” supplies. Though they continually made sure they were at least 30 feet away from their own families, they got closer and closer to ours. Fireworks rained down on us, scaring S and K’s dog and sundry people who were with us. Not fun. We moved over and fortunately the real fireworks began demanding their attention at least for awhile – but then they were right back at it after the grand finale.

But meanwhile, we had our own sparkler fun … which provided me with some photography fun.

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