Rain turned to sunshine as we cruised across the middle of Lake Michigan. However, the water was agitated and the boat rocked back and forth. Since the three of us were outside, we had no problem with motion sickness, but anyone who tried to walk around looked a little drunk. I quickly decided to stay in my seat because I didn’t want to end up in someone’s lap. (We did learn from other people who have taken the ferry that the lake is often glass like smooth the entire way across.)

(I also heard from some others that they didn’t like it because it is a long, boring trip. We enjoyed it and weren’t bored at all. Considering all the plane trips I take strapped into an airplane seat and not being able to move for several hours – a boatride where I could get up and walk around didn’t seem confining or long at all.)

Meanwhile Jeff and the munchkin found a coveted place by the side where the waves splashed in their faces. This was great fun and entertainment for a 9yo and he often hurried around to my side of the ship to report on the latest face washing.

I sat quietly, reading a book called “The Search Committee” which wasn’t the best book I’ve ever read, but had a uniqueness about it that was interesting.

The ship also has a snack bar and I think another food place with more substantial food. (We didn’t eat.)

-A small museum.

-A playroom which consisted of some plastic climbing equipment.

-Two movie rooms with airplane seats. (As I said many times as we made our way across the lake – I don’t understand why someone would pay all that money and then hole up in a dark, crowded room watching a movie you could watch at home in your living room. I would also think motion sickness would attack down there in the bottom of the ship.)

-A TV area.

-Staterooms (for more money) where you can sleep.

-A deck with lounge chairs which were nice, but the ship walls were so high there, you couldn’t see the water.

As we finished our sail and headed into the Ludington Harbor, the clouds once again grew dark.
Immediately we got off the ferry and the crew drove our cars out to the parking lot.

Remember I said they got our car out of line and drove it onto the boat right away? We must’ve watched about 60 cars come off the boat which was a lot more nerve-wracking than waiting for my baggage at an airport. Losing a suitcase is one thing. Losing a car is another.

And – let’s just say it was once again raining, really raining and as we waited, we once again were soaked.

But we all agreed it was definitely a beautiful delight.


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