We cut down through West Virginia to Staunton, Virginia (home of Woodrow Wilson and the Statler Brothers). We could’ve taken Skyline Drive, but decided not to because of time. And were glad we didn’t. The highway we were on went parallel to the drive (in the valley) and we ended up getting caught in one of those can’-t-see-a-foot-in-front-of-you downpours! I was glad I wasn’t on top of the mountain with that deluge.

So, we found our hotel – had a good night and then woke to head further south.

I cannot describe (really, I can’t) the beauty of that morning. And these pictures don’t do it either.  We drove up a rather high mountain and found ourselves at a viewpoint overlooking a tapestry of clouds and mountaintops. Breathtaking. Awesome. Incredible. Haze settled in the distance, giving the view a dreamlike effect.

 Who covers the heavens with clouds, Who prepares rain for the earth, Who makes grass to grow on the mountains (Psalm 147:8)

Barb on the mountaintop.

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