So as Barb and I meandered back home, we meandered by Charlottesville, Virginia.

And Monticello.

Yes, I’ve been to this President’s house before – at least twice. But if you’re going to revisit a President’s more than once – this is a good one to choose.

Although I’m not all that crazy about a lot of Jefferson’s politics – he was a good architect. He leveled the mountain in 1768 and for the next 40 years worked on his “essay of architecture.”

The house is built atop a 850 foot peak in the Southwest Mountains and to get to it, you need to take a bus up from the visitor’s center.  (Well, I’m sure Jefferson didn’t take a bus from the visitor’s center – but that’s how YOU have to do it.) Like many houses you visit today, there is an extra price to get to the second floor. Monticello literally means “little mountain.”

Jefferson inherited the 5,000 acres and then built the house and moved in with his wife, Martha. After Martha’s death, he became minister to France and while there became influenced by French architecture – which you can see in his Virginia home.

Not only is the property beautiful, but Jefferson added intriguing details to each room.

As soon as you walk in – you see Jefferson’s museum – a hall with animal skins, maps, etc.

Other rooms contain his unique inventions – such as his homemade (and definitely before-time) copying machine he used to copy his correspondence.

You couldn’t take pictures inside the home – but here are some outside pictures.

And yes – if you are meandering by – stop.  You will enjoy the visit.

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