DSC_0391Last year I did a post about the cool notebook-of-the-month I received from my beloved daughter.

Small enough to stick in my purse – I used them mostly to take notes on the pastor’s messages.

This year my beloved daughter bought me a new set – so as I was exchanging the old for the new – I went through the old and came up with 10 good quotes (among many) that I heard at church in 2012.

1. Christianity is not about moral reform, but about the dead becoming alive.  ( I think this might have been a quote from the book Jesus + Nothing Equals Everything – which is quoted a lot at our church and which seems to always be checked out of the library, so I have not yet read it.)

2. Don’t let legalism diminish Christ. You don’t grow spiritually by doing bigger things, but by believing in a bigger  God. (Pastor Bugh)

3. We are alienated from God. We are stuck in the cul-de-sac of stupidity. (Matt Chandler quoted)

4. The only thing we contribute to our salvation is the sin that makes it necessary. (Pastor Bugh)

5. We reduce Christianity to self-help about “ME.” (Pastor Bugh)

6. People get angry with God because He doesn’t give them what He didn’t promise in the first place. (Pastor Bugh)

7. People who say it cannot be done should  not interrupt those who are doing it. (George Bernard Shaw and no, he did not speak at church.)

8. Your church will not have to give an account of how you raised your children, but you will. (Pastor Bugh)

9. If you are not a generous person, it is a grace thing, a theological issue. Biblical generosity is an act of obedience. Generosity is not a feeling, but an identity with God.    (Pastor Bugh)

10. Thankfulness has nothing to do with the place you are in but what you are doing in that place. (Pastor Bugh)

Actually I only got halfway through the year looking for quotes.


    1. Dionne,
      As I’m taking notes, I’ll put an asterisk by the phrases that make good quotes. (Hey, that rhymes.)

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