The Princess Restaurant, Frostburg, Maryland

Ok, skipping ahead from the trip to the Keweenaw last June and landing out east last month – we had an extremely invigorating few days exploring battlefields and various other sites.

The first night found us in Frostburg, Maryland – a place that was indeed, frosty – especially when we woke that morning.

WHERE: The Princess Restaurant, Frostburg.

WHAT: A  place where President Truman (and Bess) stopped to eat on one of his trips home from Washington D.C. Being that I’m about all things presidential, we stopped in and checked it out.

From their website …

Whether you are a political junkie or not, you will be interested to know that on June 21, 1953 (Father’s Day) President Harry Truman and his wife Bess enjoyed dining here. He was passing through Frostburg on his first trip back to Washington DC since leaving the White House in 1952. He stopped at the Princess Restaurant for a lunch. Be sure to check out the Truman Booth when you visit us!

I simply wanted a cup of tea (and to see the Truman booth) and I think Jeff got a donut or something. So we waited and waited, but the busy server (although she acknowledged us) was truly quite busy. This is when one of the regular customers got up from his stool at the counter and came over to give us menus and took our order. Very small townish. Very fun.

KID FACTOR: The place does have a selection of homemade candy. What kid doesn’t like that.

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