Fort Roberdeau

Fort Roberdeau is also called the Lead Mine Fort … or the Revolutionary Fort where nothing happened.

Several decades before we lived there, some historians decided to rebuild the fort, and the foundations were laid, but that’s all the further they got and the woods grew up and the foundation disintegrated. But as a kid, I knew where the remaining parts were (hidden in the woods) and I liked to walk on them and make up wild stories.
Since I was there last time, they have added some paths, a log cabin (in the backyard) and a Native American hogan-type house. They also put a path down to the sinkhole cave which in the yard. We had always heard that they put the ammunition on a raft and sent it down the brook (that disappeared into the cave) and that it came out several miles down the road. Don’t know if that’s true, but some high school boys from our church tried it (sending a raft into the cave) and it did come out the other end. So who knows.

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