New River Gorge Bridge

WHERE: On Route #16 outside of Fayetteville, West Virginia.

WHAT: The New River Gorge  – which is actually an old river even if it’s called the New River. The New River flows 73 miles from Hinton to Hawks Nest State Park (West Virginia).

AND: The New River Gorge Bridge was built in 1977. Before that time people had a forty-minute trip over the mountain – now (with the bridge) that same trip takes less than a minutes. The bridge is the third highest in the U.S and is also one of the largest steel span bridges. The area is a national park.

We were obviously there on a foggy, cloudy day – but that made the bridge seem even more magnificent as it arched over the clouds.

If you’re in the area, the bridge is certainly worth your time to stop … I mean, you could simply ride over the bridge, but that doesn’t seem quite as impressive as seeing it from below.

I first heard about the bridge from Ken’s parents – they had stopped to see it on the way back from one of their Florida winters and it looked fascinating then and I wanted to go there some day.

Now I have been.

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