A Long and Rainy Day

We headed into Maryland … in the rain.

And walked around Easton … in the rain.

And ate lunch at St. Michaels in the rain … at a place called the Town Dock. Very charming, good food and a rainy view …

Then we headed across the Bay Bridge … in the rain.

And drove around Baltimore and up into Pennsylvania … in the rain.

We weren’t planning on going the whole way up to Mannheim … in the rain, but we did.

When we arrived, it was dark and there was monstrous construction. I was extremely tired from driving through Baltimore rush hour (a place I had never driven before) in the rain.

We were ready for a good meal. The lady at the desk at the hotel sent us out into the hilly, under-construction, rainy night to a place called Blue Bird. Took us awhile to find it on the country roads, but we finally did … and were pleasantly surprised.

Anyone who travels with me knows how much I like indigenous restaurants. This one was very indigenous – it’s actually been there since 1859, one of the oldest inns in Pennsylvania. Back then it was called Ye Olde Golden Key Hotel. During Prohibition it became a speak-easy (disguised as a tea room).

I had the Guinness Sirloin Tip pie and it perfectly hit the spot.

But then we had to go out into the rain again and maneuver ourselves back to our hotel in the dark and the construction …

… and the rain.

Our view ,..
Our view ,..
Our view from the Town Dock Restaurant
Our view from the Town Dock Restaurant
The Guinness Sirloin Tip Pie
The Guinness Sirloin Tip Pie

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