Last fall – another president’s house.

James Buchanan’s Wheatland in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Wheatland is in a residential area, reminding me of the area where Zachary Taylor’s house is located.

James Buchanan was the 15th president and a Democrat. He was elected because the nation was hoping he could quiet the growing storm between North and South. His term started with the Dred Scott decision and ended with the southern states seceding. He watched hopelessly as the nation split its loyalties. Lincoln was elected president and Buchanan went home to Wheatland.

Mr. Buchanan was the only bachelor president.

He raised goats in the White House Rose Garden.

J.B. was also the only president from Pennsylvania (although Eisenhower’s had a house in Gettysburg).

He had two different colored eyes.

But the reason we’ll remember Wheatland has little to do with President Buchanan and a lot to do with the cutest tour guide I have ever had – anywhere ever. (Well, that and the fact that my debit card suddenly didn’t work – even though it had been working just fine until we got to Wheatland. A quick call to the bank revealed that I could use it anywhere but PA. Go figure – but sure enough, as soon as we crossed the border into Ohio, it was once again working exactly right.)

Anyhow, the tour guide was dressed in costume and was very tiny. I think she said she was 88. She often had to sit down or take a drink out of a bottle in a brown cloth bag (I believe it was water.) We were all quite concerned that she wouldn’t make it, very hunched over. A sweet lady who knew her stuff.  Look for her in the pictures.


  1. My husbands great great Uncle was Vice President under Him, (John Breckinridge)
    My husbands direct uncle was named John Breckinridge Ellis( JB) Do you know where he lived?

    1. Marty – that’s very cool. Have you been to the house? Visiting president’s houses is one of my hobbies – I’ve been to something for all the presidents except for about seven or eight. But this one was worthwhile just because of that very sweet tour guide 🙂

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