Why’s the London Bridge in Arizona?

Hmmm … some questions …

DSC_0310Why is C.S. Lewis’ wardrobe in Wheaton?

Why is the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City, Arizona?

The answer to the first question will need to be covered in another post.

The answer to the second is this:

Well, first of all, Lake Havasu itself formed when the Parker Dam was built in the Colorado River back in 1938. The lake runs 35 miles along the Arizona/California border and most of it cannot be accessed because of the rugged terrain that lines its borders. But there are a couple towns on the more accessible parts of the lakes: Parker and Lake Havasu City.

Chainsaw engineer, Robert McCulloch, founded LHC in 1963 and its become a popular spot for retirees to spend the winter. However, because of its out-of-the-way location, it’s not as much a tourist spot as other southwest locations.

Right downtown, however, is The London Bridge (yes, really from London) that connects a channel to an island.

The bridge was built in 1831 and crossed the River Thames in Londonnow. The bridge did its job for 140 years and lasted through two World Wars before deteriorating.  Mr. MuCullough heard about this bridge that was no longer strong enough for traffic and decided to buy it for two and a half million dollars. Oh … and it cost him another $7 million to take it apart and rebuild it in Lake Havasu City.

And that’s why it’s there. A well-to-do man went antique shopping.


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