Cornish Pasty

We went to a lot of indigenous restaurants on our trips. One of our favorites was Cornish Pasty. DSC_0330

Cornish Pasties (meat pies) started in Cornwall, England back in the 1200’s. The miners would take the pasties to lunch in the mines. Because the miner’s hands were covered in arsenic, they would hold a pasty by the crimped edges and then discard the rest of the crust for the “ghosts” in the mine. (Or something like that.)

Originally a pasty would have meat and veggies in one end and something sweet in the other.

When mining in Cornwall slowed down, many miners came to the copper mines in the Upper Peninsula to find work … which is why you find a lot of pasty shops in the U.P.

Which does not explain why the Cornish Pasty restaurants are in Arizona .. We ate at the one in Tempe.

I had a shepherd’s pie pasty and let’s just say, that’s my kind of food. Really delicious.


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