State Photo #9 – Georgia

Many women lost their husbands in World War ll … and their ability to provide for themselves and their children. The one thing they knew how to do was cook and so they opened restaurants. However, knowing people might be offended with ladies owning restaurants, they called them tea rooms. Since then 15 of the 16 tea rooms have closed, but Mary Mac Tea Room in downtown Atlanta is still open 70 years later and a popular place to go for Southern cooking.

If it is your first time visiting Mary Mac’s, you get a complimentary bowl of pot likker with crackling bread. Also, everyone writes down their own order – that way it’s not the server’s fault if the order is incorrect.

The walls are crammed full with pictures of famous people who have eater there: presidents, athletes, actors, etc.

Fun place to visit.100_1180.jpg

State Photo #7 – Delaware

I collect counties. I have been in counties in every state but Hawaii.

I have only been in ALL the counties in two states – Wisconsin – which was kind of challenging because there are several of them, but kind of not challenging because we lived there for 13 years and even now we’re there a lot.

The other state is Delaware which was kind of challenging because it is so far away, but kind of not challenging because it only has three counties.

Last year we were on the East Coast and drove up through Delaware. We stopped at Bethany Beach in honor of my niece, Bethany, so I could by her a hoodie that had Bethany Beach across the front.

The town kind of remind me of Mackinaw City.

And we certainly knew what time we were there.dsc03902.jpg

State #6 – Colorado

I have many pictures of the Colorado Mountains … and Garden of the Gods … and Mesa Verde, but one of the unique, fun things we did last time we were in Colorado was visit the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. We saw Olympic greats and Olympic hopefuls practice. The tour guide told us about their diet and some of the more well-known Olympians who had stayed there will preparing. We watched swimming, volleyball and wresting. Jacob ran down the track, perhaps one day dreaming of being an Olympian. He was 3 then, and since then, at 13, has won a half marathon … so who knows.

And because we were there on Jeff’s birthday, I bought him an official U.S. Olympic curling team t-shirt.


State Photo #5 – California

So many, many beautiful pictures of California. Everything from Mark and Melissa’s wedding in Long Beach to an early morning ride through Plumas County, from the redwoods to a rainbow over the Mojave Desert. Up and down the coast … to staying on Chance’s almond farm and Cindy’s cute house down the street from the university. Our sunset boat ride under the Golden Gate Bridge and visiting Reagan’s Library to Disney and …

Which picture? Which picture?

Big Sur is the place where a lot of the beauty comes together. The mountains border the Pacific shore providing so much of God’s awesome creation, that it’s difficult to absorb it all. Big Sur is south of Monterey, north of L.A. and truly a place everyone would make an effort to visit (beats Disney World any day).

I have many pictures I’ve taken there, but my personal challenge is to post just one … (even though a couple days ago I posted two for Arizona).

So, here is my favorite … or at least one of my favorites …dsc_0806-1.jpg