New food – Strozzapreti

img_6323I didn’t make this, but had it at a restaurant – wild mushroom strozzapreti which means (in Italian) priest-choker or priest strangler.

Why is it called priest-choker?

Some say it’s because the priests were so hungry that they ate the pasta until they choked themselves. And maybe even died. (Sounds morbid.)

Or some say it’s because the wives made the pasta for the church leaders as payment for rent. The husbands didn’t like their wives making food for the church leaders, so they’d get so angry they wished for the priests to choke.

Who knows?

Then some people say the pasta looks like a clerical collar (that sounds not-so-morbid.)

The pasta is made in large sheets and then cut into strips. The wild mushroom strozzapreti was mixed with mushrooms with a brown sauce.

Very good.


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