A Trip to the Grand Canyon

IMG_6487I have been to the Grand Canyon three times.

First time was when I was 17 and our family took a massive road trip to the West Coast so Dad could speak at a conference at Biola. I remember nothing about the Grand Canyon on that visit, except that the server at lunch was very mixed up. We had finished our dinners and our dessert when she brought out our vegetables. I just remember it being weird.

Second was about 14 years ago when I was writing the T&T books. I wanted a canyon scene and Ken and I were heading for California (again to speak at a conference) and we were going through the Southwest. What I remember about that visit is that it was a hot day (September) and we focused on walking down into the canyon so I could describe that experience in the T&T book. Though I didn’t identify the canyon as the Grand Canyon, I did describe the canyon. (No, we didn’t walk the entire way down – but we did walk about an hour or so down.)

Third time was a couple weeks ago. Cindy (friend) and I had driven down from Bakersfield, California (an 8 hour drive) and got to the canyon at exactly the right time to see a beautiful sunset and to realize that it was cold! 20 some degrees with snow on the ground.

We took some beautiful pictures (you couldn’t take any that weren’t beautiful) and then headed back to Grand Canyon Village and the general store to get gloves and hats to get ready for another visit the next day.





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