New Food – Gazpacho

Good thing I had someone looking out for me this week in the quest for new food. With lots of activity with house renovations I had no time to go to the grocery store or on any other kind of a new-food hunt.

But I was lovingly gifted with a bowl of gazpacho.

If you don’t know what it is – gazpacho is vegetable soup – served cold. The soup is common in Spain and Portugal. The soup has a long history and is believed to have shown up in the Iberian Peninsula with the Romans.

Traditionally, the soup is made with a pestle and mortar to create the soup’s consistency.

To make gazpacho (which I didn’t), all the vegetables are washed and then peeled (if necessary) — then chopped. This is when you get out the pestle and mortar and pound. The mixture is then mixed with cold water, vinegar, olive oil and salt. One of the primary ingredients is cucumbers.DSC_0048

So I like soup, but wasn’t so sure I’d like this cold soup. Tentatively, I took a taste and found it surprisingly good! The soup did strongly taste of cucumbers – but that was ok because I like cucumbers.

I give it a 6 out of 10.

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