New food – Wild Boar Jerky

We had stopped at a speciality store because Cindy had a coupon for one of their pies. So while she was doing that, I challenged the rest of the family to come up with an unusual food that none of us had eaten before.

They chose wild boar jerky.

20160208054949!Wildschein,_Nähe_Pulverstampftor_(cropped) First, to get your appetite ready for this taste sensation, you have to consider what a wild boar looks like. I mean, if this doesn’t get your taste buds in a crazy dance, I’m not sure what will.

But we took it home and we partook.

I think I can honestly say no one really liked it. The consensus of opinion was that at first bite it tasted like beef jerky, but it quickly filled your mouth with a weird spicy taste … a taste that stayed with us much too long.

Between one and ten – I don’t think anyone gave it over a two.

Consider this one food that we ate for you, so you don’t ever have to taste it!

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